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Full Scope Midwifery In A Home Birth Setting

Earthen Vessels Nurse-Midwifery LLC was created in response to this need in the Northeastern Indiana homebirth community. Along with providing the comprehensive care noted about, Janis is also able of offer well-woman and GYN care including Pap smears, preconception counseling, natural family planning assistance, annual exams, STD and other genital infections, and numerous health screenings (like blood tests for: cholesterol and lipids, diabetes screens, thyroid evaluation, vitamin deficiency, anemia, liver and kidney function, hormone evaluation, and many more). A wide range of health promotion and disease prevention assessment and education, as well as appropriate referrals and consultations, can be tailored to each individual’s needs.  


Earthen Vessels Nurse-Midwifery Services Include:


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In general, most clients self-pay for homebirth with a midwife, although with the high deductible plans common today, most clients pay less out of pocket for a homebirth  than for a hospital birth even though the latter is covered by insurance. Earthen Vessels Nurse-Midwifery accepts Tricare, HSA and flex spending accounts, Samaritan, Christian Medishare (and similar plans), and some non-HMO insurance plans as an out of network provider.   exam table (2) Please note: This practice is contraceptive free. Fertility awareness methods of various types are discussed and assistance is provided. However, contraception including birth control bill, depoprovera shot, nexplanon, IUDs and barrier methods like diaphragms are not offered. We fully support a woman’s right to choose the method to regulate her fertility in the way that works best for her and will provide referrals and consultations to minimize the inconvenience for those clients who prefer contraceptive options.