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“I have been so blessed to have Janis attend the births of my last four children. Janis always goes above and beyond to provide the best care for my babies and me. She truly cares for her clients, and it shows in everything she does. Janis has always respected my opinions, supported me in my hardest of moments, and provided me with options to make me feel as comfortable and safe as possible. Janis embodies both the knowledge of all things conventional medicine with the alternative care and support of the crunchiest midwife. There was no challenge that I threw her way that she didn’t handle with skill and grace, and I provided her with plenty of challenges! I truly cannot imagine having gone through these pregnancies and labors without her. There is no one else who I would want to be with me through these difficult, beautiful, intimate times of life. My babies were so lucky to be caught by such skilled and loving hands. Here is a picture of one my fourth baby. One of my favorite parts of this picture is that she and Janis are holding hands.”

Lauren: Bluffton, IN


 leah grace

“When we found out we were expecting, one of the first things Zach suggested was finding a midwife and having a homebirth. I was so nervous and didn’t think that’s what I wanted. We did some research and decided we would meet a few midwives to see if that was the route we wanted to go. We met with two midwives. After meeting Janis we knew she was the right person to help bring our baby into the world. Throughout my pregnancy she was so helpful and answered all our questions and concerns. The morning I started have contractions she came over only a few hours after we first called her even though I was still in early labor. Being first time parents we were so thankful for her being there with us and going above and beyond. I honestly feel if I had had Leah in a hospital or with anyone else it would have not gone the way it did. Janis let my body do what it was meant to do and was there when we needed her. Even after Leah was born Janis was always there to answer any questions we had. I am so excited that we are able to work with her again this year as we welcome our second blessing .”

Mandi: Fort Wayne, IN


“I’ve seen Janis for her midwifery care with both of my daughters. From my first interview with Janis I knew I wanted her to care for me and my babies. It’s evident she’s incredibly passionate about caring for women and newborns, but she also has a knowledge and practicality about her that assured me we’d be nothing but safe in her hands. When my friends talk about their visits with their OBs, I smile when I think back on the time I was able to spend with my midwife, ensuring every question was answered.

Each birth experience with Janis and her assistants was amazing. I was able to contact her directly, as I would a friend, questioning my contractions and what my next steps should be. Janis was always peaceful. I brag to everyone about how my midwife said just the right things at just the right times to encourage me while I was laboring. My second labor experience was so hurried that Janis wasn’t able to be present for the baby’s birth, yet I didn’t worry because we were on speaker phone the whole time and I knew she would take care of us. The moment she arrived, minutes after the baby was born, she calmly went to work!

We hugged after my last postpartum visit because I felt sad knowing I likely wouldn’t see her until I was pregnant again! Janis is fantastic. I can’t imagine seeing anyone else.”

Alyssa RN: Huntington, IN


“I had the pleasure of having Janis along on our journey of having our second daughter.  I had a hospital birth for my first daughter and my birth experience was horrible. When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with number two, I grew anxious of having another birth experience so out of my control. I immediately started doing research on other options and found Janis’ name. The idea of having my baby at home and in my own space was all I could have asked for. The entire experience was wonderful, a complete 180 from my first birth. We were actually in the process of moving when I went into labor and Janis was so supportive the entire time. Our nurse Amber, whom we didn’t meet till I was towards the end of my labor, was very helpful and encouraging. She was also a delight to have afterwards, making sure I had everything I needed. She helped me to take a shower and to get comfortable in bed. I would recommend both of them and look forward to having them again in the future!”

Kathryn: Fort Wayne, IN

” I have been fortunate enough to have had Janis as my midwife for both of my babies and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else care for me and my family. Janis goes beyond the call of nurse and midwife and becomes a dear friend to you, your children, and your husband! She truly cares about you and the baby’s health and well-being, but also about your emotional, physical, and spiritual state as well. I am blessed to have Janis in my life and am honored to call her my midwife!”

Michal: Fort Wayne, IN