Water Birth


CNM Addresses Water Birth

Portable Tubs for Use in Labor and Birth

Birth Pool in a Box or Heated AquaDoula – rent the complete kit!

Water birth is more than a fad or trend it is evidence based practice in hospitals, birth centers and home birth throughout the world. Spending most or all of labor in water eases discomfort and creates a gentler birth process. The benefits of warm water immersion in labor and birth have been studied in many countries for over three decades. Support in water is one of the most beneficial things that can be offered to a woman in labor.  The water provides a calming influence and a peaceful relaxed atmosphere. Women report that they find that the water allows complete freedom of movement and deep concentration. Earthen Vessels Nurse-Midwifery rents several different tubs as a convenient complete kit – absolutely everything you need for one low price – and detailed instructions on set up and use. AND delivered to your home at your pre-birth home visit and picked back up at a postpartum home visit for even more ease and convenience.




The AquaDoula is the original HEATED portable spa developed specifically for labor and water birth.Heating system with thermostat maintains constant water temperature with no heat loss, especially helpful for longer labors and essential for safe water births

4’6″ diameter & 2′ deep – comfortably accommodates 2 adults.

Fully grounded heater and temperature controls with GFCI plug for safety

Not inflatable so no issues with punctures, important in homes with small children or pets – especially cats even if front declawed

One disposable latex free liner is included with each pool and additional liners are available for only $20.

The kit includes EVERYTHING you need for just $200!


Birth Pool in a Box

The Regular Birth Pool in a Box includes a seat, and has been designed for strength and comfort with 2 people, so your partner can take an active part in the birth of your baby.

The Birth Pool in a Box Mini is a smaller alternative for use when space is limited.

Mini external: 65″ x 57″ internal: 45″ x 37″ –  26″ deep, water 23″ 

Regular external: 76″ x 65″  internal: 56′” x 45″ – 26″ deep, water 23″  

One of the only inflatable birth pools made without phthalates. Better for the environment, better for you and your baby.

One disposable liner is included with each pool and additional liners are available for $40.

The kit includes EVERYTHING you need for just $150!

aqua doula

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Gives mother more control

May speed up labor

Reduces blood pressure

Improves mobility, enabling mother to choose any position

Provides significant pain relief

Promotes relaxation

Conserves her energy

Reduces the need for drugs and interventions

Gives mother a private protected space

Reduces cesarean section rates

Is highly rated by mothers – most saying they would give birth in water again

Is highly rated by experienced providers

Encourages an easier birth for mother and a gentler welcome for baby